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Introducing LS Retail's LS Central,
the Unified Commerce Software Solution ...

Built on Dynamics 365 Business Central,

Microsoft’s Latest Version of Dynamics NAV.

LS Retail's latest Offering - Unified Commerce for Retail and Restaurants
LS Central empowers retail business employees

Five Reasons Why LS Central is Not Your Father's Omnichannel

What’s included and possible with LS Central:

  One Platform. Transform your patchwork system into one integrated end-to-end platform that’s adaptable, flexible, mobile, scalable, secure, and intelligent. There’s a reason for the saying “Be ready for the future.” Artificial Intelligence is one hair’s-breadth away from becoming mainstream in business systems, so it’s a good idea to have a system that can support new capabilities that will skyrocket your business (and human) results. Here’s how brands are thinking about business AI in retail and hospitality.

  Comprehensive Features and Functions. LS Central provides much more than a traditional retail management system does – it accommodates more channels, more business functions, and can even support you throughout your entire business network. If the function/feature set you’re dreaming about doesn’t exist in Microsoft’s $10B partner network portfolio, or LS Retail’s feature set, let’s talk.  We develop custom retail functions like our Channel Sales Manager ( an example), that our clients love, and we can do that for you.

  One Source of Truth that Spans your Value Chain (data, insights, processes, stores, chains, people, customers…and more). Teams no longer work in a vacuum; LS Central is designed to deliver all the intel and collaborative functions your employees need to really put your customer at front and center. Better user experience, better business results, with the interface from Microsoft that’s instantly recognizable around the world.

  One Seamless Customer Experience. Today’s customers expect a holistic experience that’s quick, enjoyable, and easy no matter which touchpoint (or series of touchpoints) they use. Customers want different things from different brands – the key is to identify the technology that matters to your customers and invest in it.

  One Partner. Retailers and Restaurateurs say they want a better purchasing experience — and a better total technology partnership experience. Recent research (and common sense) tells us that buyers are seriously trying to conquer complexity in the purchasing process; buying teams need to identify a small number of ‘best-in-breed’ providers before beginning the journey.  We believe we’re the antidote to purchasing — and partner — complexity. We believe you won’t find a better partner for your brand universe, whether you need one or more of the following: business analysis, planning & design, configuration & customization, implementation, training, and support. We couldn’t say this if our clients didn’t tell us so.

Digital Transformation is not just about the technology, though the technology overhaul is critical; Digital Transformation is about using that technology to develop new capabilities, with systems of intelligence that leverage every person, process and data asset across the organization; to become a brand that’s innovative, predictive, intuitive. It’s about building a new, or just better, business model, in order to deliver on the promise that your customer will pay for, love, and recommend.

Tina Terrezza, Director of Sales & Marketing for ArcherPoint Retail

Thomas Nielsen, Solution Consultant for ArcherPoint Retail

LS Retail + Microsoft + ArcherPoint Retail:

A Powerful Partnership that Keeps Getting Better
LS Retail Platinum Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner

The combination of LS Central and Business Central is designed to provide you with a 360-degree view of your business, your value chain, and your customers, at every touchpoint, so you can concentrate on refining your brand DNA into their favorite go-to retailer and/or restaurant chain.

  Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) has more than 1.25 Million users worldwide
  LS Central (formerly LS Nav) is the #1 Retail Solution for Business Central
  LS Retail drives performance in more than 74,000 stores & restaurants
   Microsoft provides access to a $10 billion portfolio of tested partner apps/add-ons
  ArcherPoint Retail is a Microsoft Gold ERP Partner
   ArcherPoint Retail is an LS Retail Platinum Partner
   We do restaurants, retail, popups, hybrids, and more

It’s hard to believe one partnership can do all of the above, so we invite you to call us to find out how we can do all of that for you!

If you are currently running your business on LS Nav 2018:

LS Retail will continue to update this version with new functionality until the end of 2019.  We’ll be able to support LS Nav 2018 clients until the end of 2022. If you’re running LS Nav, you can decide to transition to LS Central at any time.

However, Microsoft will not be releasing upgrades for the Dynamics NAV platform, so if you want to have the latest features of the system, you’ll need to transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

If you want to upgrade to LS Central:

All versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central are currently available, so you can make the transition whenever it makes sense for your business.

LS Central has the same code base, functionality, and business environment as LS Nav 2018, so you’ll be familiar with LS Central.  The transition to LS Central is just as easy as a standard LS Nav upgrade.