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One version of truth; Diverse ways to convey it. Jet Enterprise offers full reporting as well as business intelligence based on the vetted data you’ve already got in NAV and LS Nav. 

Business intelligence allows decision makers to focus on factors such as acquiring customers, increasing revenue & profitability, and outpacing competitors. It provides predictive analysis to discover hidden patterns, performance monitoring, and statistical results that help you discover trends — to capitalize on opportunities or to avoid costly mistakes.

Jet Enterprise lets you tailor information to various audiences, including the format and terminology that you choose. It provides operational reporting — and allows top level decision makers who typically have no idea about data structures — to review patterns and trends independently.

Powerful, Dynamic, Flexible Data Visualization. See if Jet Enterprise is right for you:

Is Jet Enterprise right for you? Take a look:

 Performance – Jet Enterprise provides a dedicated reporting database and business intelligence solution that is optimized for reporting. Production systems are optimized for putting information into the system, not getting it out. With a dedicated, high performance solution, you can determine when and where your production servers are accessed for reporting.

Predefined OLAP cubes contain pre-calculated values for all dimension/measure combinations which is the fastest available technology for business intelligence applications.

 User Load – Most production systems can easily support a small number of users accessing the data directly. There are a variety of factors that determine how many users a system will support, but a reasonable rule of thumb is that more than 20 users may be an indicator that it is time to consider a dedicated reporting warehouse.

 Database Size – The vast majority of data in a typical production system isn’t used for reporting. Enterprise systems are optimized to write to the database quickly, which is what you want when entering data. With Jet Enterprise, the reporting and BI elements are optimized for fast retrieval which means even very large data sets will perform well.

A general rule of thumb is that if your database is over 10 gigabytes you may suffer performance issues unless you are using a dedicated reporting warehouse.

 Security – Some production systems offer excellent security within the application and for external use. Other systems offer security within the application, but leave the database either completely locked down, or completely exposed. If your system is in the latter category, a simple and powerful security is essential.

 Advanced Security – Some organizations require data security based on the content of the data. This is frequently referred to as row level security. If you have responsibility centers, territories, salespeople, etc. and you want to restrict access by dimension, you may want to consider the Jet Enterprise solution.

 Legacy Data – If you are planning an upgrade, you can save thousands of dollars on data migration costs, and get much better results with Jet Enterprise. You no longer need to transfer and transform legacy data in your enterprise systems, simply use Jet Enterprise to consolidate it.

 System Integration – If your business requires web based reporting such as SSRS or document sharing such as SharePoint, Jet Enterprise can provide a single, secure platform to host your business information.

 Audience – If you have individuals in the organization that do not understand the inner workings of your enterprise system, that want or need to do independent ad-hoc reporting or analysis, Jet Enterprise is probably a good fit. Jet Enterprise has the best time to value and lowest training cost in the Jet Reports suite of products.

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