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All companies are different, and some have more demanding reporting requirements — including from multiple databases.  Jet Professional is designed for department level and small business reporting and includes features to distribute & communicate results with the additional security required for small groups.

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Jet Professional allows users to be classified as designers and viewers. Designers have the capability to design and run reports, and viewers are only allowed to run authorized reports. This distinction allows managers to know that the information that they have authorized is the information that is in use, but retain the freedom to authorize multiple report designers.

For additional security (a must for external reports), the scheduling and distribution capabilities of Jet Professional allows you to distribute reports in well know formats including PDF which are small, secure and tamper proof.

Report Scheduling and Distribution

The powerful features of the Jet Scheduler also make it easy to distribute the right information to the appropriate individuals at the right time. If you have a sales team and want to send each their own results, the Jet Scheduler makes it easy to set this up. Since the scheduler never goes on vacation or gets sick, you know that the information is delivered on time, every time.

With the scheduler you can also create alerts to ensure that the right people are notified when needed. For example, it is easy to schedule an alert that will keep your accounts payable clerk from missing an early payment opportunity for invoices posted between check runs.

Complete Formatting Control

In addition to the capabilities offered in Jet Express, Jet Professional has advanced features that ensure that you have the power to create the reports that you need, regardless of the format requirements. Leveraging the power of the familiar Excel interface, Jet Professional can help you to create compelling reports quickly even if you can’t write programs.

With Jet Professional users can create reports that automatically add rows, columns and/or sheets of information based on the content of their data. If, for instance, you want to create a report with information about each product category on its own page, you can do this with a single formula. As product categories are added or modified a click of the ‘refresh’ button will update the report to reflect the changes in your data. With Jet Professional, you can decide how your report will look on a cell by cell basis, giving you unsurpassed flexibility to create dashboards and reports that will comply with any governmental or other reporting requirements.

Multi-database Capabilities

Jet Professional supports small business teams that have data in more than one source and can connect to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP, CRM and virtually all OLE/ODBC compliant applications. With Jet Professional you can consolidate information from any number of data sources into the same report at any level of detail. Regardless of the source of your information, or how much or little you need, you can feel comfortable that it can be easily included on your report or dashboard.

Productivity Features

Jet Professional includes many features designed to save time, effort and reduce errors while creating reports.

Drag and Drop Data Browser with Data Samples – Jet Professional users can enjoy a further understanding of their data with the ability to browse the information in the tables and fields directly to verify what they are looking at. All tables and fields (including customized data) are available and provide you with the additional information that you need to make sure the reports you are creating are accurate.

Report Writing Wizards – Reporting wizards make creating standardized reports trivial. You can create simple reports like sales by salesperson in about a minute. For Microsoft Dynamics NAV users, report wizards trivialize difficult to handle advanced dimensions and fully support flow fields eliminating the need for programming.

Snippets – A lot of time spent during report creation is spent on repetitive tasks. Snippets provide a permanent clipboard for your Excel logic and will save you time and help you to reduce errors when designing reports. Snippets can be easily shared with your team to help spread your productivity improvements.

Favorites – Most tables and fields are not relevant for reporting. With Jet Professional, you can determine what is relevant and minimize the time and effort sifting through unnecessary information. If you have a team, creating and sharing your favorites can help you get them up to speed faster.

Advanced Table Builder Features

Reports don’t need to be complicated to be useful. Sometimes even simple functions like the ability to strip off the first character of a field can be very useful. Jet Professional allows any Excel formula to be used directly in the table builder and in doing so, significantly increases the capability of the feature. The contact list below is just a simple list of contacts in rolodex format. Easy, but useful.

The advanced linking functions that are available in the Table Builder with Jet Professional allow you to easily answer sophisticated questions like who else purchased a similar product. The inclusive/exclusive linking feature makes difficult reports such as lot tracking considerably easier.

Is Jet Professional right for you? Take a look:

 Security – If you are working in a small team environment rather than alone, the security features in Jet Professional will provide you with more consistent and reliable results.

 Data Consolidation – Jet Professional automatically consolidates information from any number of data sources into the same report. If some of your information comes from other sources than your enterprise system, such as a warehousing system, CRM, budgeting tool, etc., Jet Professional may be a good fit for you.

 Distribution & Control – Distribution, security and alert capabilities within Jet Professional are designed to help teams communicate results in a structured, secure and reliable manner.

 Training – The productivity features with Jet Professional will reduce training time and costs. If it is your responsibility to bring others in your organization up to speed, the productivity features like favorites and snippets in Jet Professional will be useful to you.

 Drilldown and Sample Data – If you weren’t involved in entering the information in the first place; drill down and the ability to review sample data can significantly assist you to understand what you are looking at while building or running reports.

 Ranked Analytics & Other Advanced Reporting Techniques – Ranking comparative values is a very potent way to show you what is improving, what is declining, and what is stagnant. This type of reporting is frequently referred to as rising/falling stars and allows you to quickly determine what is working and where to spend your efforts to improve. With user defined formulas in the table builder, Jet Professional makes this type of reporting a snap.

 Advanced Formatting – Not all reports are rows and columns and not all financial reports are based on just a G/L Account. With Jet Professional, you can format and group your information the way that is appropriate to the task and your business reporting needs. Well structured, self-explanatory reports save time during meetings. If you plan on sharing report results in a meeting setting, the advanced formatting capabilities of Jet Professional will be very useful to you.

 Additional Filtering Capabilities – With Jet Professional, users can easily set filters to include or exclude details from any reporting level. For example, it is easy to report on customers that purchased selected items during this year’s sales campaign and also participated in last year’s campaign. With a couple of clicks, you can even limit the results to participating customers that paid on time.

 Graphical Capabilities – A picture is worth a thousand words and can often be an essential part of reporting. With Jet Professional, images within your production systems are now available in your reporting, can be dragged and dropped into reports, and are automatically refreshed when the reports are run.

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