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The Channel Sales Manager is a Fully Integrated Management Tool for Amazon or Magento to help you sell better & work better with NAV.

Seamless for your customers. Seamless for you.

It's not just a connector - it's a Hub for your Omnichannel Sales.

Ace Your Channel Strategy with Seamless Integration;

Only from ArcherPoint Retail

ORDERS Orders taken on the sales channel appear in NAV with little user effort

LISTINGS Easily list a product defined in NAV on an external sales channel

PAYMENTS Identify the financial impact of selling through a channel (payments, fees, charges)

INVENTORY Assist in the logistics required for sales channels that act as 3PLs Integration

FBA (‘Fulfilled By Amazon’): If you’re selling on Amazon via FBA, you can retrieve orders directly from Amazon and have CSM automatically create, release, and post the Sales Order, since these orders are fulfilled by Amazon. There’s additional functionality to assist you in reconciling your Amazon fees and payments, as well as managing your FBA inventory.

FBM (‘Fulfilled By Merchant’): If you’re selling on Amazon via FBM, CSM can set up the sales orders ready for you to ship. In addition, there’s functionality to assist you in reconciling your Amazon fees and payments.



Order Management
Inventory Management
Payment Management
Listing Management under development

Amazon NAV integration, Magento NAV integration from ArcherPoint Retail

Magento Integration

If you’re selling with Magento, you can retrieve orders directly from Magento and create a process for their fulfillment, returning shipment tracking information to Magento.

With Magento, CSM can create Magento product listings based on the data that you have in NAV, including images, long descriptions, attributes, pricing, and availability.



Order Management
Listing Management
More modules under development

The ArcherPoint Channel Sales Manager helps you manage:


  • New Orders
  • Returns
  • Order Changes
  • Cancellations
  • Shipping Notification


  • Managed Inventory
  • Replenishment
  • Transfers
  • Availability
  • 3PL Shipping


  • Descriptions
  • Pictures
  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • Categorization


  • Fees
  • Cash Flow
  • Pricing
  • Reconciliation

Learn more about how your sales channels fit within your omnichannel solution.

With features designed specifically for retailers, we work alongside you to customize a solution that fits the way you do business and delivers real value to your company.