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2016 Was a Rough Year for Retail & Hospitality. Or Was It?

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With store closings and restaurant visits down, customers have been playing havoc with markets that exist just to serve them. Well, that’s for the big guys. We keep an eye on them here at ArcherPoint Retail, and we look at lessons for our small and midmarket customers, because our market is a growth market.

Welcome to 2017. We’re almost month in, and one thing is certain: change.

Consumers are calling the shots, driving competition wild with just a tap of a finger. You can look at it both ways: yes, they are tech-savvy, they are picky, and they are in control—but it’s up to us to deliver (and promote) the experiences that make life interesting.

Consumers may be calling the shots, but they’re actually creating a world of opportunities for us to bond with them.

Customers want to bond with Retailers


They’re looking for what makes us different, unique; our brand DNA. When they like it, they want to share in our growth because we are more and more, listening to them, and creating mutual experiences that they can touch in a myriad of ways from wherever they are.

So, one big thing that makes ‘change’ irrelevant is a ‘seamless’ experience coming from our brand DNA, when we do it right; when your initiatives really reflect the difference your brand makes–and the tech is aligned in a flexible, scalable, robust representation of that.

Shoppers and Patrons have retailers and restaurants hopping to implement solutions—it’s critical to build them around your unique DNA, and not the other way around.

Many factors come into play to create ‘seamless’ experiences for the consumer; they happen because we are committed to practicing ‘unified’ commerce.

When the house is in order, we can focus on innovations in products, services, and business models designed to delight.

Up until that point, however, we need to keep engaging, listening, exchanging, and fulfilling through better integrated data & processes via investments in the right technology, partnerships, and people.

NEW IN 2017: We’re redesigning our Website with content to help you compete better and prosper!

We’ll have actionable news, perspectives, interviews, case studies, how-tos, reports, multimedia, activities, and much more. Starting this year we’re going to look at everything Retail and Hospitality (among other verticals we serve) and bring fresh insight, analysis, and inspiration to you as we create a new online center where you can find, or ask us to help you find, the information you need to help you during your journey to fortify your brand equity.

ArcherPoint Retail provides the tools and information that helps your retail business win.

We’ll be presenting a variety of vantage points, from industry insiders to relevant perspectives from banking, real estate, venture capital & investment banking, technology, insurance, human resources, taxation, security & privacy, on-premise or cloud, transportation, supply chain, and more.

We’ll also be looking at your peers, and we’ll mix in examples that may provide inspiration to see what can be.

Next month, post-NRF 2017, we’ll start with our picks of Retail and Hospitality trends, inspirations…and who’s committing them! (Plus, we’ll look at some we can learn from that provide a cautionary tale or two.)