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Empowering Your Store Associates to Fulfill Your Brand Promise

Do Your Store Associates Pass or Fail?

This month we’ve got some happy news (another year as an LS Retail Platinum Partner!), two LS Retail promotions, and last but not least, ArcherPoint Retail’s newly redesigned Website.

But first, we were inspired to write about the value of Store Associates according to consumer research; and what you can do about it.

We recently read a report from Tulip Retail that said 83% of consumers believe they’re more knowledgeable than the retail associates in the stores where they shop.

Reminds us of a situation that happened to a friend of ours named Mark, that he says he won’t soon forget…

Shopper Frustrated with Customer Service
During a very important business trip, right before an event he was to cover, Mark discovered that a special memory card was missing from his camera bag.

He rushed into the first big box brand store that he saw, expecting to quickly find a replacement card. There were three store associates who were chatting amiably in the checkout area. When Mark asked for the device, two didn’t know what the device was; the third surprised him when he said he was sure they didn’t sell that particular item.

Mark asked the store associate to show him the aisle where the item would be if the store did sell it. The associate showed him where he thought it might be; it wasn’t there. He then took Mark to another aisle, and stood shaking his head while Mark frantically moved product aside to see what lay behind–several replacement cards.

Mark won’t go back to that store or buy from that brand again, and his networks will know about his experience.

It’s likely he would agree with 90% of the survey respondents that said they also shop at Amazon because really, overall, store associates are not meeting expectations.


The Good News: Mobile Tech Makes the Difference

Almost 80% of those same shoppers said that Store Associates are valuable–when they have mobile technology to aid in inventory discovery, credit card checkout, and product information–which encourages them to shop in-store.

What to do, and how:

A mountain of research, as well as common sense, says that it really comes down to meeting customer expectations at each touchpoint in an end-to-end omnichannel retail ecosystem.

You Gain When You Deliver Omnichannel Brand Intel to Your Store Associates.

With business analytics and intelligence gained from POS to corporate to loyalty programs, retailers can plan strategies on the go, predict customer demand, prevent customer churn, create memorable shopping experiences, and fulfill the brand’s promise to the customer.
ArcherPoint Retail is once again LS Retail Platinum Partner 2017

ArcherPoint Retail is named LS Retail Platinum Partner for 2017.

LS Retail says, “Platinum Partners must consistently provide excellent service and support, and satisfy demanding criteria in their performance and commitment as LS Retail Partners.” We are pleased to be named as a Platinum Partner for another year!

Pictured here are (from L-R) Thomas Nielsen, Tina Terrezza, and Wm. Matthew “Matt” Street. Learn more about the team here.

Read the LS Retail Platinum Partner Press Release here.

Give Me 5 plus thru June 2017

LS Retail Promotion: NAV Starter Pack

Give Me 5+ Promotional Pricing

Until June 26, 2017, LS Retail is offering new customers in the U.S. and Canada a promotion in which they can license the NAV Starter Pack (which includes 3 Full Concurrent Client Access Licenses [CALs], two [2] additional Full Concurrent CALs, and the LS Nav Starter Pack, as well as 1 Store Pack unit, which includes 1 Retail Device CAL) at a 25% discount.

Contact ArcherPoint Retail for details and to take advantage of this promotion »

50% Off LS Nav Staff Management Module thru 6/27/17

LS Retail Promotion: Staff Management Module

50% Off Staff Management Module

Through June 27, 2017, LS Retail is offering new customers in the U.S. and Canada a promotion in which you can receive a 50% discount off your initial order of LS Staff Management-per-Store modules.
You can get a 30% discount on additional orders placed within the offer period. Terms and conditions apply.

Staff Management Module helps you:
Manage your staff efficiently and decrease your costs. The staff management system helps you plan staff rosters quickly and easily, handle staff hours, and set salary codes. Schedule shifts, estimate costs, and compare the estimate to your budget to make sure your business is always operating in profit.
The system can also calculate staff commissions and has a number of loss prevention modules, warning you in case of suspicious activity at the POS. Check your employees’ sales history and make sure that you always employ the right staff for your business. Find out more!

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